Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ridiculous Recycling....

Today was recycling day, admittedly it hasn't been done for about a month and half and we've taken our lives into our hands every time we opened the cupboard door but.......this is a ridiculous amount!! There was half a bag of glass and tins and all the rest was plastic packaging, with milk bottles being the main culprit. All our paper and cardboard gets re-used in our woodburner to heat the house and water but this is still far too much.

Dave has been reading a book this week The Book Of Rubbish Ideas by Tracey Smith which gives tips on reducing rubbish through your home as well as trying to avoid it in the first place! Frighteningly it says that plastic bottles take 450 years - never to break down......450 YEARS!!!! That means that our milk bottles will still be around when our kids great, great, great (not quite sure how many but a lot!!).........grandchildren are alive......crazy.... and thats just one family!

So this has become a big issue for us, I'm not sure how to tackle it all yet but we have some ideas that may reduce this plastic mountain we produce each at local greengrocers, farm shops and markets where everything is not packaged in plastic, finding out if there is a local milkman that can deliver, cutting out processed, pre-packaged foods ......we'll keep the blog posted as we figure it out!  

On the plus side our lovely local farm shop Plumgarths have started doing big 25kilo sacks of local guess what we're eating for the next month!! 

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