Thursday, 12 April 2012

Jump right in.....

We've been thinking about how to 'go greener' for a little while now so I guess our first few posts (or more!) will be going over some of what we have learned already. We are definitely not experts and this is not a blog of what you should or shouldn't do, it is just us sharing what we learn along the way and hopefully inspiring others to make some changes in their lives as well. We would love to hear from anyone with more experience or other ideas we might like to try as well.

Although we have always recycled like good citizens it's only been within the last year or so that we have become much more aware of lots of other areas where we could be working harder to help ourselves and the environment around us, from what we put in our bodies and on our bodies to what goes in our bins! Along the way we will explore lots of different areas and head towards our 'Big Dream' (see tab above)

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