Saturday, 14 April 2012

Amazing Nuts!!

One of the very first things we changed in our house was our washing powder, funnily enough we were really looking to save money, not so much thinking of how we could help cutting back on Phosphates etc. I had just joined a Frugal facebook group and someone had posted about these amazing little natural nuts which you could wash with, clean with, even make into soap.....I had to check it out just to make sure they weren't making it up!!  Well......I was hooked, ordered my first bagful off Ebay and we've been using them ever since. That was going back about a year now and for our family they work great, are much cheaper than washing powder or liquid and are completely, win. If you have really mucky clothes just put more soapnuts in the wash..simple!

( I know someone much further down the line of 'Green - ness' has mentioned that we should be making our own washing powder rather than importing these all the way from India, therefore raising our carbon footprint ....well maybe this is something for the future when this pack of soapnuts has finished...definately worth looking into. )

All we do with our soapnuts is pop about four into a small muslin bag, shove that into the washing machine with the washing and wash as normal. These amazing little nuts are also great for people with allergies and can be used in low temperature washes as well. I really can't tell you all the virtues of these and how I can't understand how so few people know about them!! This site is fantastic for learning all about them and how to use them in lots of different ways ..  Living Naturally - soapnuts

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  1. used these now for about a year myself and they are brilliant .. saved a small fortune.. with 2 mucky teenage lads to keep up with and daily uniform for my work the washing pile just grows .. absolutely brilliant natural product