Tuesday, 24 April 2012

No Poo!

Having an illness that is always going to be there and one that I will always have to take medication for, apart from making me almost rebel against seeing the Doctor about every little thing(!,) it has also made me think a lot more about what goes on my body as well as in it. One of the areas I wanted to experiment with was going shampoo free.... not only for the chemical free route but also because it would be so much cheaper!!

I'm sure some people I know would be horrified at knowing I don't shampoo or condition my hair anymore but I guess the fact that no-one has actually noticed any difference is  telling enough! I started this in November last year and haven't used any shampoo or conditioner since...think how much money I've saved!

If you look on the internet there are many different ways of doing this but I liked the look of this one from the great blog Living On A Dime. All you need is Bicarbonate of soda and Apple Cider Vinegar.....simple

1tbsp Bicarb in approx 8oz warm water = shampoo
1tbsp Cider Vinegar in approx 8oz warm water  = conditioner

I just make up each mix in an old shampoo bottle and these last me (medium length hair) for approx 4-5 washes. Wet hair first, squeeze on enough of the bicarb mix to wet through hair, rub well into your scalp and leave on for a few minutes. Rinse this off and then squeeze on the vinegar mix and rub in well and rinse off.....easy! 

No chemicals, no faffing about, no expensive shampoos and conditioners and lovely hair at the end...

I know other people have tried this and found they no longer even need the bicarb and vinegar to keep their hair clean, they just need to rinse their hair through with water...I still need to wash my hair approx every three days but I guess as with everything, we are all different!

After the initial jokes about smelling like a fish and chip shop (which I don't, I hasten to add!) I think I may be finally convincing the rest of the family to join me on this one..... slowly.......slowly...... 


  1. You know you want too really!!

  2. Definitely going to try this one! I have a really sensitive scalp and commercial shampoos make it itch.. some of the lush ones are nice but they cost an arm and a leg! Bring on the bicarb n vinegar ;D

  3. It will probably take away all the itchies, it really sounds far too simple but it does work, definately worth a try, let me know how you get on!