Tuesday, 6 January 2015

All quiet on the Western Front...

It's a new year...and everything has been very quiet here for the last few months. Life has been ticking along, work has been ticking along and our dreams have kind of been a bit lost in the day to day living. I seem to have spent most of my time flitting about taking the kids to Stunt School, Gymnastics, Drama group, friend's houses and riding. Christmas was a long time coming and seemed to disappear far too quickly and here we are...2015.

I'm not going to make a long list of New Years Resolutions because I never manage to keep them, but I guess the New Year always gives you a kick up the backside to get you going again. I read an interesting article the other day about procrastination ( http://amycarpenterleugs.tumblr.com/post/106518941109/procrastination ) It starts with:

(says David Whyte) is not what it seems… What looks from the outside like our delay; our lack of commitment; even our laziness may have more to do with a slow, necessary ripening through time and a central struggle with the core realities of any endeavor to which we have set our minds. To hate our procrastinating tendencies is in someway to hate our relationship with time itself, to be unequal to the phenomenology of revelation and the way it works its own quiet way in its very own gifted time, only emerging when the very qualities it represents have a firm correspondence in our necessarily struggling heart and imagination... '

We have been procrastinating, in the fact that we haven't re-written a woodland proposal as yet, we haven't pursued our dreams as exhaustively as perhaps we could have BUT maybe that's a good thing, maybe it's what we've needed to get our heads around the whole enormity of the process and maybe it's what I've personally needed to see past this and let what happens, happen. We haven't been completely idle though...Dave has been on a woodland management course, making plans, coming up with ideas, and I'm in the process of resurrecting a proof-reading business which could earn us some income - as long as there's internet! 

So, we are in a new year... our next steps are for Dave to complete his Course assignment and from that to write a more comprehensive woodland management plan, and then leave it in the hands of all the people involved in the process.


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