Saturday, 5 July 2014

Heavenly Haven ....

We've just got back from a week away 'daan saaf ' , near to where we used to live and where I grew up from when I was about nine. It was interesting, lovely in many ways and kind of made us realise how much it and we have changed over the years...  Firstly there's just so much noise!! If it's not planes going overhead all the time, it's the constant hum of motorways in the background with the inevitable sirens. This area is also one of the richest in the country with huge houses and flash cars... sadly the huge houses also have huge security gates and probably no-one in them for most of the week as the residents have to work, work, work to keep their 'lifestyle' going.. I know where I'd rather be!!   

Funnily enough it was here I spent ten years growing up....most of my friends know that my parents worked for a missionary society whose headquarters (where we lived) just happened to be in an amazing, beautiful mansion with 35 acres of gardens..... (I so didn't appreciate it fully when we were there!!) It's like an oasis of calm in all the noise and 'keeping up with the Jones's ' going on around them. We had a great weekend back there at GoFest2014, a Christian Festival enjoying meeting new people and learning and re-learning about our own faith, we've come away with loads to think about and look into for the future. On the purely selfish side, it was soooo good to be able to swing on the best swings in the world and eat our lunch on the best verandah in the world (ever so slightly bias!!) This place will always have a little piece of my heart xx  


The next couple of days were spent fulfilling birthday treat promises to the kids, one at Legoland and one at the Globe Theatre both of which were brilliant days out, we even managed to squeeze in a visit to my big brother, still in hospital in London .... a fantastic week all round x

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