Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Reflections on Windermere....

The kids have just completed a four week 'course' with Windermere Reflections a local programme set up to increase the understanding of environmental issues in the Lake Windermere catchment area. Just one day per week they've learned all about the problems with Himalayan Balsom, how phosphates effect the lake and wildlife and how the area has changed over the years with less trees and more sheep causing erosion.....amongst many other things. They've made newsreels on Ipads,completed river surveys, made outdoor art Andy Goldsworthy style, created felt pictures and designed a cartoon strip for a possible book.... It's been a really interesting four weeks.

Interestingly one of the games they played was all about how we look after the environment at home or in our own lives generally and as the only Home Ed group they had run this for, we were the highest scoring group ever! Apparently the school groups generally scored much lower..... different types of families maybe? just a coincidence? or maybe a feeling of disconnection from what goes on around them at home as they are away in school so much? who knows....but I had a proud parent moment anyway!!


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