Saturday, 13 October 2012

Back again!

I know, I know it's been ages. Just felt a bit underwhelmed by everything for a while but hey it happens to the best of us....(doesn't it??!!)

We've just got back from a few days down in the lovely Forest of Dean staying in one of the Forest Lodges, courtesy of my Mum and Dad. There really is something magical and calming about woods even when it's wet and soggy under foot! The kids had the freedom of cycling around freely without too much worry about cars and we enjoyed far too much coffee and cake!

Two weeks ago we had decided to cut right down on the amount of wheat we ate and had both felt so much better for it, and whilst we thoroughly enjoyed pigging out on holiday, we feel yucky and bloated now so we'll be getting back to low or even no wheat diet this weekend. If anyone has any good recipes to use, the areas we struggle with are breakfasts, bread and something sweet for evenings.....!


  1. We had a great few days in the FOD last year, lovely place.
    Re wheat-free, I'm not exactly wheat-free but I dont eat bread, instead I buy pittas, still made of wheat but less per portion. Its easy enough to do without toast in the morning if you cook bacon, eggs, baked beans, fresh tomatoes, porage or any combination. I love a nice veggie filled omelette.
    For evening sweetness, lots of fruit, grapes, melon etc. does the trick for me.

  2. Thanks! Really got to cut down on wheat, you don't notice how much it effects you until you don't eat it for a while!

    FOD is definitely a place to re-visit, there's so much to see around there and we just didn't have enough time to even scratch the surface.

    Thanks for your suggestions, a great excuse for a big cooked breakfast every morning....yum!